THUT by Dani came out of a passion for fitness and humor. The Tips and the groovy tanks, are to inspire and motivate people to move their ass.  

As a Pilates instructor, and having first hand experience with the method's profound effects on her own body (and mind), Dani began using the word THUT, to help cue clients to feel their hamstrings, or just below their backside. More times than not, clients responded with chuckles, after being told that the THUT was where the Thigh and the Butt meet.

Dani has fallen down many times in her life, and each and every time she has lifted herself back up and started again. And so it is with the THUT. It falls, we lift it! 


            Dani’s first headshot was her mugshot taken after getting arrested for tagging in the New York suburban town where she grew up and she’s been trying to reclaim those glory days ever since. She attended NYU Film School and The American Film Institute. For over 25 years, Dani’s worked asa screenwriter, performer and director.She wrote and performed several theatrical solo shows and wrote, directed and stars in the festival breakout film parody, A Really Intimate Portrait... Of a Complete Unknown. Her work is published on sites BlogherModernmom,HuffPostPilates Style MagazineStepmom MagazineSheWrites, SexpertBabbleModernMomThe Hollywood Journal, andFunny Not Slutty. She’s spoken at lifestyle conferences and interviewed on nationally syndicated radio shows and was a stand-up in Los Angeles and New York. Sheboasts placing second (in the mature category) in the 2014 US National Pole Championships. Pictures provided upon request.