THUT by Dani came out of a passion for fitness and humor. The Tips and the groovy tanks, are to inspire and motivate people to move their ass.  

As a Pilates instructor, and having first hand experience with the method's profound effects on her own body (and mind), Dani began using the word THUT, to help cue clients to feel their hamstrings, or just below their backside. More times than not, clients responded with chuckles, after being told that the THUT was where the Thigh and the Butt meet.

Dani has fallen down many times in her life, and each and every time she has lifted herself back up and started again. And so it is with the THUT. It falls, we lift it! 


Dani's first headshot was her mugshot taken after getting arrested for tagging in the suburban town where she grew up. Other lofty accomplishments include working out at the NYU gym alongside Adam Sandler, where she received a BFA in Film and Television Production. She followed that up with a move to Los Angeles, where she worked out at a gym alongside Facts of Life star, Mindy Cohen, while attending The American Film Institute.

While living in Los Angeles, Dani dabbled in everything from writing feature films, acting in television pilots that went nowhere, and performing stand-up comedy. She worked with The Groundlings, Second City, Up Front Comedy, and she is the author, and performer of several acclaimed solo shows. She is the writer, and director of the film festival breakout, A Really Intimate Portrait Of a complete unknown.   

After 16 years, Dani left Los Angeles to teach English as foreign language in Prague. Realizing that English was foreign to her as it was to the Czechs, she quit after two weeks. With little more than a few unproduced screenplays in her suitcase, Dani moved back to New York, where she received her Pilates certification. Shes taught throughout the east coast, the Middle East, and Mexico.

Danis writing regularly appears in publications including, Pilates Style MagazineHuffington Post, and Babble. She recently completed her first book, a comedic memoir, THE GIRLFRIEND MOM, Kids? No, Thank You, I'm Not Hungry. THUT by Dani, is her first attempt at a revolution.