Pilates and Pregnancy

I seriously need my head examined. I had a prenatal class today and I decided that we would work arms and do mat work, instead of the Reformer. This meant that we needed to work in one of the yoga studios.

As the pregnant women walked in, I set up in the studio and a stench, that could have knocked out both Godzilla and Mothra, smacked me in the face, and slid down my lungs. The fact that I didn't immediately switch gears and move us into the Reformer studio, is why I need my head examined. What, in the name of all things pure and simple, was I doing? 

 My instincts and relative intelligence told me to abort the hand weight workout in the noxious yoga studio, for the sweet smelling Pilates room. However, this ‘other’ self, that I’m ashamed to even admit that I own, took over and I conducted the class in the toxic room.

In all fairness, I did ask the women if they would rather move to the other studio. They’re the pregnant ones. Shouldn’t they know what is unhealthy for their unborn offspring? No one said anything. I know this isn’t an excuse for my obvious stupidity, but I just thought I’d offer up all of the facts before you judge me. And you will judge me. I’m judging myself right now. 

And then, in the middle of a biceps curl or a lat raise, I almost said the following, “If anything happens to your babies, please don’t hold me liable.” WHAT? Let me say that again, WHAT? What I did say was, “Please don’t hold me liable.” That’s so much better.

There is something seriously wrong with me. I’ve said it before, I should not be put in charge. It’s too much pressure for me. I need to work with women who are in really good shape, not with child, and who can do somersaults, and stand on their heads.  

After class, I tried to get out as fast as I could (I’ve got my own lungs to protect). I heard one of the women say to another that she felt light headed. Oh, dear Allah, really. They said that the fumes made it hard for them to breathe. The f’d up thing about this conversation was that I didn’t hear any animosity towards me (which I so deserved) in their words or tone of voice. 

Why didn’t they say anything? I can’t possibly look like I possess any ounce of authority. 

I pretended that I didn’t hear what they were saying and ducked out. I sprinted to my car, hoping that they’ll forget all about it by next week’s class. Or better yet, they all deliver their babies and can’t come back for two months.