Why do we sometimes feel that we have to defend our choices? Why are we embarrassed by some of those choices? Why are we being judged? Why do people give a rats ass about what someone else is wearing, eating or doing.

I admire those people that do and say whatever they wish because it makes them happy and they don’t care what anyone else thinks. Who are those people anyway?

It’s always more about the person casting the aspersions and lobbing judgements onto another, that has the problem. It’s almost always about them.

I rode the elevator with a lovely woman the other day, and I commented on her bag, which if you knew me, or know me, is not really something that I would comment on.

It was a cool looking bag. I had just taught a great Pilates class; great audience, responsive, laughing, feeling challenged, and I was feeling quite blissed and high, like I normally do.

I told her that I liked her bag, and I wanted to know what brand it was. Here’s where it’s always about the other person.

She told me that it was Givenchy. I smiled and said, “Oh, and you use it as a gym bag.” It was a statement. More like, oh, that’s so cool that you use it as a gym bag. No judgement. She smiled then like a knee jerk reaction, she started apologizing.

“Yeah, I know it’s a little self indulgent but I work for them, so I got a good deal and…” I think she said something else but I wanted to assuage her guilt or shame or whatever the hell else was running through her mind.

“I think it’s a great idea. We don’t judge here in the elevator and why not a gym bag, who cares, use it, enjoy it.” I had become my Grandmother in a matter of seconds.

I’m Buddha in Spandex.

I was curious, and googled Givenchy when I got home to see how much a bag like that could possibly be.

Oh, my Christ. That’s a pretty chi chi bag to be carting around your smelly sneakers, lady, n’est pas?!