I've Been Lemon'd

Question: When is too much Lululemon too much?
Answer: When you do the following.

The other day I walked out of the house dressed head to toe in Lululemon. I was wearing my purple headband, a yellow hair tie, purple and white ankle socks, white thong, black and turquoise Groove Pant, black Studio Pant II over them (it was cold out) black Get Focused Tank, black Define Jacket, grey winter coat (can’t find the name of it), and a grey Fast In Flight gym bag. I keep my lipstick and Chapstick in their cute red (with lettering) receipt purse (also used for gift cards). This lives in my Fast In Flight gym bag. I have a Lululemon sticker on my appointment book. 

On a daily basis, I’m a walking Lululemon billboard. Shouldn’t I get free shit out of this? C’mon Lulu, give it up. A while back I even contemplated buying their stock. But then I’d have to figure out how I was going to pay my rent.  

Yes, I love their stuff and yes, I rationalize the price by telling myself that, “I’m a Pilates instructor and it’s my job. I need a uniform. If I worked on Wall Street, I’d have to buy skirts that covered my knees and heels higher than my flip flops, so… 

However, I think I’ve gone too far. Even I thought I looked ridiculous.

Have you been Lemon’d? Show me!